Yellow Version EP

by Rapidashby and the Officer Jennys



Because Pokémon Go released a couple weeks ago, and I don't have a proper phone to play it on, I wrote some sad songs. Also in this collection, two more songs about Pokémon.

Obviously, I don't own Pokémon legally, these are just songs I wrote about them.

Also, if you can't pay. All the tracks can be downloaded for free, individually.


released July 27, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Pokemon Go (Home)
i wanted to be the very best
i set my alarm and got my rest
but in the end i failed the test
pokemon go, but it dont go for me

ever since the day that i turned ten
i waited for my quest to begin
now im 25 still no pocket friend
pokemon go, it dont go for me.

i travelled throughout the land
saw trainers and pokemon walk hand in hand,
this was supposed to be my time,
a master stuck watching from the sidelines

pokemon go, it dont go for me.
pokemon go, it dont go for me.

you see the beauty of a butter free
a venasaur's glowing solar beam
all i see is stupid trees,
pokemon go please go for me.
pokemon go, please go for me.
yeah pokemon go, ill just go home.