Yellow Version EP

by Rapidashby and the Officer Jennys



Because Pokémon Go released a couple weeks ago, and I don't have a proper phone to play it on, I wrote some sad songs. Also in this collection, two more songs about Pokémon.

Obviously, I don't own Pokémon legally, these are just songs I wrote about them.

Also, if you can't pay. All the tracks can be downloaded for free, individually.


released July 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Ashby and the Oceanns Chicago, Illinois

This is a music project by Ash Barker, a trans/nonbinary artist. New album Future Summers out Summer 2017!

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Track Name: Pokemon Go (Home)
i wanted to be the very best
i set my alarm and got my rest
but in the end i failed the test
pokemon go, but it dont go for me

ever since the day that i turned ten
i waited for my quest to begin
now im 25 still no pocket friend
pokemon go, it dont go for me.

i travelled throughout the land
saw trainers and pokemon walk hand in hand,
this was supposed to be my time,
a master stuck watching from the sidelines

pokemon go, it dont go for me.
pokemon go, it dont go for me.

you see the beauty of a butter free
a venasaur's glowing solar beam
all i see is stupid trees,
pokemon go please go for me.
pokemon go, please go for me.
yeah pokemon go, ill just go home.